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Plastic Locker Bottom Inserts | AOS Locker Guard™

AOS Locker Guard™ Corrosion Proof Locker Inserts


Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the AOS Locker Guard Locker Plastic Insert locker bottoms is corrosion-proof, durable and cost-effective. Conventional metal locker bottoms rust and corrode over time, leading to premature locker failure. The AOS Locker Guard Locker Insert for locker bottom replacement is easily maintained and provides years of functionality for your facility.

AOS Locker Guard™ Locker Inserts are Corrosion-Proof

AOS Locker Guard™ Locker Insert is made of solid plastic. Inserts are unaffected by exposure to chlorine, salt water and cleaners, which makes it ideal for use in high humidity or wet areas. Formed into one solid piece from polymer resin, there are no components to break apart and no delamination.

The AOS Locker Guard™ Locker Insert edge prevents moisture from leaking down the sides and bottom of the locker.

  • Solid plastic - can never rust - even with exposure to harsh chemicals and water
  • Surface can be easily wiped clean and odors are virtually non-existent - maintaining sanitary conditions in your facility
  • AOS Locker Guard™ Locker Insert edge keeps moisture from leaking to other lockers or damaging materials under existing locker

AOS Locker Guard™ Plastic Locker Bottom Inserts are Durable

The AOS Locker Guard™ Plastic Locker Insert is virtually unbreakable. Mechanically fastened over an existing metal bottom, the patented design of the AOS Locker Guard™ Locker Insert not only offers tremendous tensile strength, but immediately solves your problem of rusted or dented locker bottoms.

  • Virtually unbreakable - solid plastic construction and patented design for superior strength
  • Paint, marker, pen and pencil easily removed with water and cleanser
  • Homogenous color - scratches virtually non-existent

AOS Locker Guard™ Plastic Locker Bottom Inserts are Cost Effective

The AOS Locker Guard™ Locker Insert comes with a 15-year warranty against breakage, delamination or corrosion. The AOS Locker Guard™ Locker Insert offers facility managers, school administrators and architects with a cost-effective solution, providing the best life cycle.

  • No better investment in your current locker facility
  • Durable and maintenance-free, saving time and money for your facility
  • Fraction of cost versus replacement of entire locker

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