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Electrostatic Painting in Washington D.C.

Where does American Office Services offer electrostatic painting in Washington D.C.?

American Office Services offers electrostatic painting services all throughout Washington D.C. in facilities such as:

  • Schools and universities (i.e. student lockers, furniture, auditorium seating, dorm furniture etc.)
  • Labs (i.e. lab equipment, lab cabinets, etc.)
  • Offices/Workplaces (i.e. filing cabinets, metal chairs, metal desks, etc.)
  • Churches (i.e. metal furniture, pews, etc.)
  • and many more
Electrostatic Painting in Washington D.C.

How does electrostatic painting work?

Electrostatic paint works with two components: 1) the paint sprayer, and 2) the paint surface. The paint sprayer has a small electrode at the tip, which creates high voltage electricity. The paint becomes negatively charged as the paint particles travel through the corona of electricity at the tip of the sprayer. The surface that is being painted is grounded and has a positively charged surface, which causes a magnetic attraction to the negatively charged paint.

What are the benefits of having your electrostatic painting done at your Washington D.C. facility?

Using electrostatic painting provides an extremely durable and uniform coating on the entire surface. In addition, electrostatic painting uses between 25% and 50% less paint, which saves money and is better for the environment. Electrostatic painting leaves little to no overspray meaning there is very little cleanup required at the end of the job.

What types of surfaces does American Office Services use electrostatic paint applications?

American Office Services travels throughout Washington D.C. with an experienced crew to apply electrostatic paint to just about any metal surface found in Washington D.C. auditoriums, business offices, schools and Universities, and medical offices. Using the electrostatic painting technique, American Office Services specializes in electrostatic painting in Washington D.C. on surfaces such as lockers, metal furniture, lab equipment, aluminum window frames, auditorium seating metal frames and much more.

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