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Fabric Color Selector

Auditorium Seating Color Selector

Our Top 12 Colors in Auditorium Seating

See below for the many other colors we offer!

Auditorium Seat Example of Sherpa and Shire fabric and upholstery colors used in furniture refurbishing

Sherpa Black Sherpa Scarlet Sherpa Royal Sherpa Brown Haze Sherpa Indigo Shire Pantina Shire Commodore Shire Expresso Sherpa Grape Shire Fossil Sherpa Dark Blue Sherpa Navy

(The colors on this site may vary slightly from the actual fabrict due to variation in conditions that are beyond our control such as: surface texture, lighting, monitor calibration, application techniques and limitations of the color sampling process. Colors may change when subjected to excessive heat and light.)


Fabric Color Selections

Both Sherpa and Shire Lines Carry a Lifetime Performance Warranty

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