The Governor of the State of Ohio and the Director of Public Health have declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 setting limitations and guidelines to protect the people of the great state of Ohio. Our employees have already been verified as essential workers deemed necessary for the support of essential infrastructure and school operations. The safety of our clients and the people who visit their facilities are paramount, so we will follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio.

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Absecon Mills - Sherpa Color Swatches

Sherpa Academy BlueSherpa AmberSherpa AutumnSherpa BilliardSherpa Black
Sherpa Brown HazeSherpa CardinalSherpa CloveSherpa ConcordSherpa Dark Blue
Sherpa DenimSherpa GargoyleSherpa GarnetSherpa GrapeSherpa Grey Heather
Sherpa Grey MixSherpa Hudson BaySherpa HunterSherpa IndigoSherpa Ivy League
Sherpa JadeSherpa MahoganySherpa MaroonSherpa MauveSherpa Moss

Auditorium Seating